Sunday, March 2, 2008


Man, life has been hectic, I tell ya! Actually, let me tell ya...

Since I got back from India I've been pretty swamped. I started volunteering three days a week for Sanctuary Home (the business end of things here in Abilene, anyway), and I attend all the SH board meetings and take the minutes. I'm still coaching gymnastics about thirteen hours a week, I'm taking two English classes, one Spanish and one ESL class, I'm helping plan a fund-raiser for all the missions teams from Highland this year, I'm babysitting for a Bible study group on Sunday nights and most weekends I have another babysitting gig, too.

I'm forgetting something, but I don't know what. Oh. I'm also gearing up for grad school and having to petition to take more than 6 hours of grad credit before I technically finish my undergrad, and I have to figure out where and how I can take six more hours of Spanish before December (when I'm supposed to graduate) since neither ACU nor anyone else around here offers it in time. I'm trying to take it over the internet, but they seem to be finicky about learning a language online. Something about us needing to be able to say the words and not just read them. Baloney, in my opinion.

Anyway, life has been very busy but very good. However, the bad men did make me put Texas plates on my car. I am NOT happy. Neither is my car. The two days directly following the registration switch my normally well-behaved car acted up like that kid Mike Myers played in that one skit. The hyper hypo. You know... with the helmet and the leash holding him to the jungle gym? Yeah, like that. Apparently, my car is just as upset about this whole "Texas" thing as I am. Although tonight I did get an unintentional mini-sermon from one of the kids I babysit. We're sitting there playing with a wooden puzzle/map of the U.S. and the kid (we'll call him Glasses), takes all the puzzle pieces off except for Texas. As you can imagine, the three-year-old in me threw a fit. So I said, "Hey, if we're doing the states we're from, we have to put California on there, too. That's where I'm from." Glasses gave me an incredulous look, paused a second, then said, "Yeah, but that's not where you are. You have to be where you are. You have to be here." Darn you, small child with God's wisdom! I knew he was right so I said he could take California off the map, but he saw I was sad and so he flipped California upside down and attached the two states by their heads. All better!

It seems like all I ever get on here to do anymore is give short updates and then tell everyone when I'm coming home. This time is no exception, but I'm going to try to include more in-between stuff, too. I'll be home from March 13 to March 24, so get ready, kids! I'm totally psyched to see everyone, PLUS two of my friends from ACU are coming home with me! Yay!

Well, I must get to sleep, and then get right back to work!

See you all soon...


P.S. Mom, can you tell I've been using the book you sent me? No misplaced hyphens here!