Saturday, March 24, 2007

Welcome back!

Well, after a long break from blogging, I'm back! Not much has been happening, but I figure I can share a couple of fun stories.

Last night my friend Casey and I went to a concert and met up with some of my other friends. The music wasn't too bad! It was a pretty fun time, but afterwards my other friends decided to go dancing at a club. Clubs and I don't mix, so Casey and I went to Sonic instead. We proceeded to order half of the menu because for some reason we decided that sounded like a good idea. And when corn dogs are going for 50 cents a pop, you can do it on a budget! I mean, really, what can you get for 50 cents these days? You can't even get gum for 50 cents anymore, but you can get a corn dog!

We took our food to the park and ate, then went to the swings to work off the corn dogs, popcorn chicken, french fries and soda we just ate. While we swung, we made up stories about the moon wearing taffeta because it was mourning the death of the sun. Then we made up a story about a family of trees and the Suburban (named Burby) who fell in love with Elizabeth, the daughter of the tree family. Obviously, Elizabeth's parents Joseph (said with an Irish accent) and Brigid were not pleased with Elizabeth choosing and "other-kinder," and Elizabeth's twin brother Fred threatened to fight Burby, but Jesus came and straightened everything out.

I liked our stories. Casey's a kindred spirit and a neat girl. I'm glad I know her.

I just got back from Spring Break and it was a really nice vacation. I spent a lot of time with my family, just hanging out and storing up hugs. One day I got to go up to Daybreak and just sit around talking shop with B.J. and Caroline. It was one of most relaxing afternoons I can remember in a long time. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the three of us just sat around in the grass and talked about Daybreak and church and camp and all the good things in life. Another day I got to go with Trisha, EveMedina (all one word) and Christy up to San Francisco. We got Beard Papa's! If you don't know what that is, you have obviously never been to Japan and are seriously deprived. Their cream puffs are so good that I actually married one in Japan. True story. Here's our wedding photo:

And here's Christy, Trish and I enjoying the supersized American version of Beard Papa's in San Francisco:

Speaking of fun with family, I finally got to watch one of the movies that Danny (my brother-in-law) and I have been talking about for so long! For those of you who don't know, Danny has been doing a series on the blog he and my sister write about his top 50 favorite movies. We've been talking about his favorite movies -- a lot of which I've never seen -- for months now, so this past week we actually got to get together and watch one! I chose Inside Man for the movie I wanted to watch and it was seriously good! Of course, I'm a total smartie and impressed my sister by guessing important plot points with my stellar detective skills and keen intellect (not to mention staggering humility), but it still kept me on my toes and I thouroughly enjoyed it! Can't wait to watch another movie with you, bro!

Another thing I did over Spring Break was seriously start planning my trip to Ireland! After I graduate next year Eve and I (and hopefully Trisha and Bethany), are going to Ireland! I've been researching different places I want to go see and neat places we can stay at. What I really want to do (and everyone else seems up for this) is to get to Ireland and then just play it by ear. Start in Dublin on the east coast, make our way across Ireland to Doolin and the Aran Islands on the west coast, maybe stop by Cork, Cobh and the Dingle Peninsula down south in between, but just play it by ear. For some reason the idea of not knowing where I'm going to stay night to night is a bit thrilling! Here are some pictures of where I want to go:

Well, that's about all for now, but keep an eye out for a possible Ireland '08 countdown blog possibly starting in the near future.